Products and Services

Mine Mapping Systems

Our mine mapping systems will assist the Indian Armed Forces in Geolocation mapping and geo fencing of mines. Our aim is to minimize the risk involved in laying and tracking of mines by employing a state of the art system with a user friendly interface to assist the Engineer Units of our Armed Forces. Using the latest in Geo Spatial technology, our system is capable of removing all redundancies and automate the entire process of mapping while ensuring accurate recording of locations of mines.

Bulletproofing Solutions

ATEK Defense Systems uses a proprietary formula called Protek (TM) with graphene microfibers which slashes weight by upto 66% compared to traditional vests while making sure mobility and flexibility are not compromised. The soft body armor is specifically made to conform to the contours of human anatomy, providing both men and women greater comfort as well as safety. Unlike traditional aramid fibers, Protek (TM) has been proven to function even after complete submersion in water, neutralizing a key weakness of common soft body armor. ATEK soft body armor is impervious to UV light and atmosphere and doesn’t degrade like traditional body armor, which makes it far more durable and cost efficient.